Following council approval for the Downtown Revitalization Project, a local business has started a petition against the changes.  

The petition appeared at Parkway Service and Repair today and has already garnered some support in the community.  

Sign for petition

“I do believe that everybody is entitled to their own opinion. You should not sign this petition if you don’t wholeheartedly agree, you shouldn’t sign it because someone else thinks you should,” said Tammy Fredrickson, co-owner of Parkway Service and Repair.  

Fredrickson said that she doesn’t think the project is feasible for the area.  

“I don’t think it is going to bring people downtown Estevan. I think it’s going to impede the situation,” said Fredrickson.  

She said that while it would be nice to beautify the downtown, it shouldn’t be a priority for the city. Adding that it may also draw crowds, that will do more harm than good to the downtown area.  

“I think the money could be better used, helping tax incentives for businesses to redo the front of their properties, the best they can. Give some kind of tax breaks or incentives or whatever that may be.” 

Born and raised in Estevan, Fredrickson said she knows several business owners downtown, and that a lot of them are worried that this could be the end of their business. 

“A lot of businesses on Main Street, we’re just off by one block, will be affected for their hours, access to their buildings and businesses, and it’s just a whole lot of money for people to swallow.”  

She said times are tough right now, and some people can’t even afford food so a project with this big of a price tag isn’t sitting right.  

“I think they’re going about this all wrong and it’s a lot of money to put on all of us taxpayers.”  

Fredrickson added that even though people can use the bypass to get around the area but believes many will stop coming to the area altogether.  

“We are all entitled to our opinions. That’s what this whole process is about,” said Fredrickson. “I think they need to stand for the actual citizens of Estevan, not just the city council wants.”