Nearly seventy skaters took to the ice over the weekend for figure skating regionals, with only one male participant among them.

Hudson Ludwig, an 8-year-old from Estevan, described the experience as thrilling.

In preparation for the competition, Ludwig dedicated at least an hour daily to practicing his jumps and skating technique. "I like the axle jump," he shared, emphasizing his current focus on mastering this specific maneuver.

His interest in figure skating was sparked by his older sister, Harlow. "She was the one who started the figure skating thing in our family," Ludwig explained.

Selecting the right song is crucial for Ludwig, who would have preferred skating to an instrumental version of "Bad Guy," although he was content with the song he ultimately chose.

Beyond figure skating, Ludwig enjoys golf, baseball, and hockey. He noted that skating has enhanced his hockey skills, particularly improving his edges.

Reflecting on his experience, Ludwig wants to encourage more of his hockey teammates to explore figure skating. "I've been working on that, spreading the word about figure skating," he shared.

He offered some advice to those who are interested in taking up skating.  

“Pretty much stay calm, try your hardest, and focus on the positives," said Ludwig.