with the last long weekend of summer starting today, the weather is an important factor for anyone looking to get on one last camping trip.

The current forecast has the weekend looking like it'll serve as a recap of all the weather felt over the summer, with heat, rain, and smoke all present.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang explains that the heat will be under heat warning levels.

"Looks like another ridge of high-pressure building in and that'll give some pretty hot temperatures. Looks like some highs will be in the low 30s. I don't think the heat warnings will be issued, just because the overnight lows might be too cold for that."

"We're getting the colder nights and drier air, so often the overnight lows don't hit the criteria needed for extreme heat warnings, so we'll see about that. With the record temperatures running to the mid to high 30s, I don't think we'll see any records fall."

Rain is currently set to come in on Sunday, lasting into the night before breaking on Monday. 

Also on Monday will be a break in temperature, as that plummets from the low 30s down below the mid-20s.

Over the entire weekend, Lang recommends people watch out both for the heat and smoky conditions which are set to return starting today.

"Just be careful in that heat, and we'll probably see a return to some of those smoky conditions too, so a combination of heat and smoke might be a  bit much for people, so just take care."

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