Lynn Little has announced that she is retiring from her position of Director of Education within the Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division.

That follows a career spanning 37 years, nine of which were in her current position.

Little says that she's been looking at that retirement for some time.

"I've been contemplating retirement for a few years now, and it just never felt like the right time until now. I've talked to other folks and they say that that's kind of the way it goes for them too. It's a very difficult decision, that's for sure, I suspect that's no different for anyone else."

Little expressed a desire to slow things down, and to spend more time with her family.

"We commit ourselves to our careers, we invest our time and our energy and our passion and in some ways, it kind of feels like removing a part of you. However, I have a desire to slow down, spend some time with my family, my husband Mike, and our three children. I want to be available for important events and look forward to some relaxation, some travel, a less hectic life, for a while anyhow."

She says one of her favorite memories from her time in Education will be working with young students in a variety of schools.

"I come back fondly always to the students and the staff, and different events and different folks at each of the school communities that I had a privilege of working in. Really it comes right down to the kids, to the students," said Little, "Those are my best memories, there's absolute pure joy in working with innocent children."

She's confident that the SECPSD will continue to be a great place for learning, even after her departure.

"We certainly are more than any one person. We all bring gifts and talents to the table across the whole organization, of 1100-plus employees, and the trick is to take all those gifts and talents of the system and work together to build something special," said Little, "I truly believe Southeast Cornerstone is a special community, lots of great, great things happening in Southeast Cornerstone and I believe they'll continue to happen."

Little says she'll be looking for a hobby to take up her time with while reading for the love of it.

She'll be in the role until the end of this school year.