MADD Estevan is looking at how they'll be continuing a pair of local initiatives that have seemed to have an impact.

That includes displaying a wrecked car that was crushed to simulate an accident, and signs that are put up where someone has been found driving intoxicated.

Connie Hagel is the community leader in Estevan and was recently named as the director of the national board of directors for MADD Canada for Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

She says that the wrecked car wasn't out this year because that requires more permissions.

"I didn't get the car out because when I did the car originally, there was some property that I put it on and I did get the mayor's permission, but now I have to get the whole city council's permission to put the car out where I want it, so I didn't get it out."

She's hoping to get it running again next year, probably sometime between May and June.

"It was received really well, since last year I put it in the school parking lot and there were a lot of people commenting on it," said Hagel, "So I guess it's doing its job, it's kind of like a visual aid for impaired driving."

For the impaired driver's signs, those will be done alongside police as they catch those in action.

"Once I get the confirmed list of where impaired drivers were actually caught, then you'll see some signs going up here hopefully in the next week or so. I try to do that more often than I'm able to," said Hagel, "I try to get them up as much as I can."

The sign idea has spread across Canada, with plenty of other MADD chapters putting up their own.

Hagel says that some of those signs have been disappearing, with them later turning up stolen on social media.

"It wasn't here in Estevan, but they were proud that that was their sign. I was like, 'You're proud that you were the impaired driver that was caught?' ... It's too bad that has to be."

"But still, I think those 'impaired driver caught here' signs are still having a big impact on the awareness. People just have to realize that it's not just the main throughways or outside a local liquor establishment. It's in your residential areas, it could be your neighbour next door in front of their house. It could be anybody."

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