As summer gradually transitions into the vibrant colours of autumn, the September Perfect Pet Contest has brought forth a delightful array of submissions from proud pet owners. This month, we celebrate the companionship, loyalty, and charm of our four-legged friends. From furry felines to playful pups and everything in between, these submissions are a testament to the unique bond between pets and their human counterparts.

Join us as we take a closer look at the heartwarming entries that have graced this month's contest. The winner of the September Perfect Pet Contest will be announced on September 26, during the 8 o'clock hour when Dawn Klassen from All Creatures joins the show. So, stay tuned to to find out who will be crowned the Perfect Pet of September.


LilyLily is a bottle baby who has stolen a peace of many hearts she is very spoiled and opinionated she will demand more food while standing right next to her bucket of grain. Lily will not walk out of the barn in the morning unless you walk her to the door because the tiny kitten might get her. Lily truly never fails to make me smile no matter how big of a pain she may choose to be that day.


TuckerThis is my grandpuppy. He loves to go on adventures and car rides.


MaggieMaggie is a miniature pot-bellied pig, she lives in our yard and spends most of her time in the bullpen. She really likes people and cows and I want to get a boy pig for her to be friends with and have some piglets.


TillyTilly is an 8-month-old purebred German Shorthaired Pointer. Her favourite hobbies include fetch, trying to catch anything that flies and being wherever her humans are.


JeanyJeany is 18 years old. She’s the best cat a person could ever ask for. She lives in the house with me, but she loves coming out to the garden with me! She loves snuggles and treats!


RemiRemi is a year and a half old shepherd cross but we tell everyone that he is a pure bread good boy. He is a very loving, playful and gentle dog who makes friends with everyone. He and our 11-month-old are best friends and love to play with one another. When Remi was a puppy he slept in our laundry basket in the master bedroom but quickly outgrew it and moved into the closet. Recently he was run over by a vehicle and required surgery in Winnipeg to repair his hind leg. He is in good spirits, happy to be home and on the mend. He can’t wait to get back to his old self so he can play, run and swim like he used to.


FlintFlint is a 6-year-old English springer spaniel.


ArnieArnie is a goofy border collie cross. He has tons of energy - loves swimming & is infatuated with playing fetch!


ChewyChewy is a Frenchton dog who is 12 weeks old and loves to chew everything with a tag on it and sits on the step watching people walk by.


AngelAngel is my best friend!!!


ZadyZady is a 2-year-old mini-wiener dog who is very playful and full of life. She loves to be outside but is not yet 100 % sure is totally sure she loves the outside dog but is getting there She loves to go in side by side and always up for road trips. She also has some weird ways to sit.


BiancaBianca is a Maltese Shitzu cross. She is just the best because she is quite small (5 lbs) and so easy to take places in her carrier (which looks like a handbag). Even though she is nearly 10 years old, she looks like a puppy! She loves everyone and likes to be on their lap to be petted!


CheezieCheezie is an 11-year-old orange tabby cat. He would definitely be the definition of the orange cat stereotype. Cheezie is the little daredevil of the family. He will try and climb anything he can put his paw on. One of Cheezie's favourite foods is especially cheese. He believes that he is the prince and everyone must treat him as though, that means he expects food to be served to him and you MUST pet him.


PenelopeOh Penelope, the mix of salty and sweet. She is a black cat. Penelope is the most cuddly cat you’ll ever meet. However, you will have to meet HER standards. She loves getting pets. She also loves getting in trouble she is a great reminder not to leave food on the counter, especially butter. A few months ago that little adorable cat was the reason for the purchase of our butter dish. That would be one of many stories of this affectionate cat.

Ireland ( aka Teeny )

	Ireland ( aka Teeny )Teeny is a tabby cat. She has been described as a hyperactive kitten. She would play with her favourite toy fish 24/7. She has this fun game she loves to play which is she will wait at the end of a hallway or door and when you come out of it she will jump at your feet. However, this is only a one-way game because she hates being scared back. She is definitely a special cat.. including her only having two toes on her one paw.


ShyloHad her only 2 weeks and she’s a doll, loves kids, and all people, and doesn’t bark or bite.


LillyLilly is a 2-year-old border collie/ blue heeler x Australian shepherd! She is my working cattle dog but in her spare time we love to go camping and she is a faithful protector of our infant son! She's the best dog I've ever had!


CooperHe’s a very friendly and good-looking boy.???????? He loves watching our neighbour's kids when they play outside. And Mom is his favourite person coz he’s my baby boy.????


MortimerMortimer is a 5-year-old Raccoon. Orphaned at 1 day old, he was bottle-fed and raised by my dogs. He is an incredible creature and is truly my best friend.


PrimCame into our lives a year ago and we already can't remember the time without her. She is a giant lap puppy who always knows when you need the snuggle more than her.


DeweyDewey the donkey had been one of the family since the day we met. He is a big suck and always loves a scratch.

The September Perfect Pet Contest has highlighted the wonderful relationships between pets and their owners. We appreciate all the participants who shared their beloved companions. Join us on September 26 when we announce the winner, who will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg. Stay tuned to to find out who will be crowned the Perfect Pet of September.

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