The Big Six Hockey League crowned its winners Monday night as the Moosomin Rangers took home a series victory over the Redvers Rockets.

The third game of the series saw the two teams neck and neck before the Ranger pulled away and held onto a 5-3 win.

Head Coach Ferrel Horn says that the win felt great as they faced a tough battle.

"It feels really good as a coach. I never thought we'd do that. When you come up against a team like that, they have champs from last year. All our team just bought in and we really played hard and they were all close games and we ended up on top. That's the way it goes with hockey." 

Horn says the team came together well as they've aged over the past year.

"Our team is fairly young, our team is 18 local guys, there's a lot of 25 and down, but we've got a lot of guys, eighteen of our players of the 26-man roster are local, so they play for you and four imports and two have moved here for marriage and two have moved here for work over the years at the mine." 

"We got to a point last year we lost to the Rockets three straight and we were there in the series, but not deep enough, not aged enough. I thought this year we really grew up and the team had a motive, and we came to play and we got it done." 

Even with that more aged core, the Rockets still put up a good bit of resistance for the Rangers.

"They were first spot in the league again and I mean the Big Six has got four pretty deep teams in that league," said Horn, "So any given night, you better come to play."

Horn says the atmosphere for the game was great, with plenty of fans packing into the Redvers Rec Centre.

He's confident that the Rangers will once again be a contender for the title in the next season.

"I think our younger guys have aged and learned a lot from our old guys and some of our old guys on the team here, we got two 50-year-old guys. The last time the Big Six was won in Moosimin was because of the changing of leagues," said Horn. "They were on that team, and they were 30 years old at the time and I think the kids really learned a lot from them, two 50-year-olds and what it takes to play what it takes to stay in stamina and I think they aged good and hopefully we can keep it together for a few years." 

Horn thanked the community that supported the Rangers through the season and the Big Six Hockey League for putting on a good season.