New businesses in Estevan have been finding that the city is a welcoming one for new ventures.

That was the case for three businesses that held their grand opening on Monday, all in the same building.

Sara East Speech and Language Services, The Counseling Corner, and Prairie Pathway Services all opened up shop at 902 4th Street.

Sara East, with Sara East Speech and Language Services, says they've seen a lot of support so far.

"I feel like we've been really well supported, the community is grateful we're here. I have a lot of clients who are driving to Regina with their little kids to seek services that i offer now in town, so I just feel like there's been a lot of gratitude expressed by people in this corner of the province."

Trina Battersby, the owner of Prairie Pathway Services, says that there have been some challenges getting started.

"I think it's intimidating starting a business on your own. I've been doing the private practice work part-time on my own for the last few years. It's hard to promote yourself. So having these ladies, even though we're doing our own thing, but we're still together, it's been really awesome. To promote each other and bounce ideas off each other."

"I love how we model for the community that women working together, supporting other local businesses. We're doing a giveaway right now. So really just to try to promote community both within our building and also the people and families we serve." 

New businesses and new directions have been present recently in Estevan, with Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jackie Wall saying that they're seeing a varied business ecosystem.

"There's everything from, businesses that have a new owner and that owner has taken it to new areas, we have brand new businesses that have opened. It's just a whole wealth of different business sectors and business leaders that are really moving this community forward."

For people looking to start a new business in Estevan, Wall suggests they look at providing service across the globe as well.

"I think right now there are so many different ways that you can start a business within Estevan and you can have a reach globally. I think that is what people really need to understand is you can operate a business from anywhere in the world and you can have a local impact within your community, within Estevan, but you can also showcase your business in so many different platforms that give you a global touch."

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