The Moosomin community has received funding to upgrade their aging water treatment plant.

Moosomin mayor Larry Tomlinson said they applied for the funding a couple of years ago.

"It's been a long time in the making but we finally got the final approval," Tomlinson said. "Our old plant's over 30 years old and it had a 30 year life, so it's living on borrowed time."

Tomlinson said capacity was the biggest issue with a growing population in the community.

"In building this plant we've allowed for a 30 per cent increase in population from what our last census was that they had," he said.

There was also another re-occurring issue that would often arise in the summer months, Tomlinson said.

"In the summer time we've had water restrictions too, so we can't get enough water through it."

The new plant will feature a UV disinfectant system and back up generators.

"It should be a full-blown system, I think," Tomlinson said.

The town will have to borrow some money to pay for their portion of the project.