With winter here, people may not be too keen on taking pictures of their pets enjoying the great outdoors. However, with it being chilly, pets are often the best snuggle buddies!

We have some absolutely dapper pets to highlight for November. But only one will be the winner of $25 to All Creatures. Dawn Klassen will pick the Perfect Pet on Tuesday and looking at the contestants, she's got her work cut out for her.

Bubbles likes to be the boss. She ignores us most of the time unless there's no food in her bowl or she wants to be let out. But if she feels like it, she'd come and cuddle with us. We love it when she purrs! Her favourite is our youngest daughter because they grew up together. She is very patient with our toddler and allows the latter to lay on the former.


I met sparky on day while at the fire hall in lampman doing some work cleaning up the hall. He came in the open bay door and was hiding for a bit, we played hide and seek for a bit then I was able to grab him and pick him up when I did he cuddled right into me and started purring I knew instantly he was my new buddy, I brought him home to meet my other two cats and he’s been part of the pride since. His favourite place to sleep is on my chest/neck when I’m laying on the sofa.


Roxy is a Bernese Mountain dog with a wonderful friendly disposition. She loves playing fetch and going for leisurely strolls. The local deer and rabbits keep her on her toes and if you’re ever waking the golf course she is sure to give you a welcome bark. ????


9 year old yorkie, hyperallegetic so no hair smart and can do all kinds of tricks has so much love for everyone thats close to her, you just could not ask for a better pet.


Frankie is a mini dachshund, she is pure sass and and comedic relief. She does what she wants, when she wants. Unless there’s food involved, then she’ll do whatever you ask!


Fritz is a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog .. full of energy , mischief and love ❤️ This was his very first visit to the groomers … so soft !


Milo is a very loving member of the family. You can go out the front door and come back in the back door less then 5 min later and he greets you like you have been gone all day. When your cold at night he curls right up in you lap or under the covers at bed time. He’s always ready to give you kisses.


Willow celebrated her 2nd birthday on November 1st! She is a gentle giant who loves everyone and everything she meets (except bunnies!). She loves to play but when she’s not playing she will sleep all day! She is super soft and perfect for cuddling but hates to cuddle because she gets too hot!


Our Thor is a 4 year old golden retriever he is such a good dog he loves playing with other dogs. Thor is such a gentle dog he loves everybody especially his human mom, dad and 4 sisters he also has 2 cat siblings as well. We love him so much he is our first dog as a family and has been the best.


Rex is my rock, he has been there for me through some really hard times. But he is also the labbiest lab ever and still plays even though he is getting older.


Meet Luna and Duke. Luna is our sweet Pitbull who loves everyone, and Duke is the newest member of our family. Luna is such a sweet girl and has much more patience with our kiddos. Duke, who looks oddly similar to Duke from the "Life of Pets" movie, is a huge character and has been the greatest addition to our family.

Luna & DukeLuna & Duke

So there you have it! The Perfect Pets for November. Find out the winner Tuesday morning just after 8 AM.

In the mean time, check out our past winners of the Perfect Pet Contest at discoverestevan.com