The City of Estevan is looking at what they can do to improve the Power Dodge Arena as some concerns have been brought up.

In a report to city council, Leisure Services laid out the following issues in a report to city council: that had been identified.

  • Due to usage over the years, the arena boards have taken on an outward lean away from the ice surface which has caused excessive gaps at the seams of the boards, as well as the glass loosening up in the posts that hold them causing them to pop out of place when hit.
  • Player doors when closed do not sit flush with boards.
  • The access to the referee and player's dressing rooms causes concerns for the well-being of players and referees alike when they are required to walk through fans and parents.
  • The viewing area is only accessible on one side of the rink causing frustration when EMHA has split ice age groups.
  • The viewing area is tight so fans are often in close proximity to one another and with emotions flaring up in games this can add to the intensity levels.
  • The players and fan heating can cause concerns. They are connected and either fans seem to be complaining they are cold or players are too warm.
  • Not enough dressing rooms with the growing number of females on teams. We do have a room we call dressing room #5 but it does not have a washroom or shower. It is also one space that opposing team players should not have to share but our space is limited.

Erin Wilson, the manager of Leisure Services, said that she will be hosting a user group meeting before the end of January to get an understanding of what is required by the community.

Facilities managers Dan Kroeker and Mat Angell will also research and price out options over the next couple of months to address these needs.

Lastly, the recommendation was made to return to council in March to decide what the Power Dodge Arena needed and what could be worked on.

While the motion was carried unopposed to have those talks, Mayor Roy Ludwig said that ultimately any large projects would be under the purview of the next council, which is set to be elected this fall.