Premier Scott Moe was in Estevan to meet with some of the city's residents as part of a free barbecue lunch.

For an hour and a half, he met with residents and answered their questions based on whatever they wanted to talk about.

Moe said that he was able to come out thanks to a break in activities, which has led him to many communities over the summer.

"We're not in session throughout the summer. There's a lot that that that happens for MLAs, for Ministers, and myself as well. Really, you know, what today is about, and what I'm trying to do a day or two a week is actually get out to constituencies across the province."

He says that the feedback is important to consider future policies.

"It's the best way for us as a government to have feedback on policies that we maybe have put forward and you know the positives and negatives with respect to that, but also policies that we may be considering in the future and I would say most importantly the impacts and what's on the mind of constituents here in Estevan today."

That consideration may very well last into the far future and shape Saskatchewan's policies to come.

"I like coming down here. We have some significant, I think SaskPower in particular, has some significant decisions to make, maybe not over the course of the next number of months, but over the course of the next number of years that will have an impact not only on folks in Estevan but people across the province and industries that we are trying to attract across the province as well and so you know that's an ongoing conversation that needs to continue and a part of that was today."

After the event, Lori Carr, Estevan's MLA, showed him the work being done at Estevan Diversified Services and toured with the Premier around the southeast.