On Tuesday the province sent out a news release indicating that building permits have grown by 38 per cent in roughly the last year across Saskatchewan.

However, a couple of communities in the southeast are not seeing that upward trend.

Carlyle has only seen two permits issued so far in 2022, and one was for an existing building that just got missed. The other permit was for a solar panel.

Town of Carlyle Assistant Administrator Dawn Faber has a theory for why there has been so few.

"Seems like the demand isn't there for new builds. I don't know if it's got to do a lot with the building construction costs as well," Faber said. "I was actually surprised by that report by the government there because of the cost of building supplies now.

"We have a lot of houses for sale, but there's turnover. It's not like we're losing residents or anything," she added.

Faber said there's been a lot more development north of Carlyle.

"A lot going on at the lake though. Like Kenosee Lake there, there's a lot of development there," she said. "Maybe it's the retirement generation that's building now and they're all moving to the lake, I don't know."

She added that Carlyle has a lot of opportunity for future development.

"If anyone wants to develop, we've got lots of land."

Meanwhile, Stoughton has issued just one permit in 2022, and only six in the past year.

"In our community it hasn't (grown)," said Stoughton Office Clerk Jade Larose. "I would say it probably has maintained as it always has."