Following the announcement of the new $245 million contract with Saskatchewan Physicians, the provincial government is highlighting additional healthcare initiatives.

A recent press release by the Saskatchewan government reveals their recruitment efforts targeting psychiatrists, anesthesiologists, and oncologists. The Saskatchewan Healthcare Recruitment Agency recently hosted a session for both domestic and international psychiatrists, resulting in the Saskatchewan Health Authority extending nine psychiatrists' letters of offer. 

“Continued investment into our physicians allows Saskatchewan to remain desirable for family doctors and specialists to live and work,” Health Minister Everett Hindley said. “Our new agreement will ensure continued retention of our quality doctors as well as incentivize more professionals to choose Saskatchewan.”

The update also highlighted the health system navigators' team, a one-on-one service offered through the Healthcare Recruitment and Retention Plan. These navigators assist internationally trained healthcare professionals in relocating to Saskatchewan, aiding in licensing acquisition, job search, and resource access. 

To date, navigators have supported 426 individuals in obtaining licensing in their healthcare profession and facilitated the employment transition of 41 individuals within the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

For details on the recruitment progress in the area through these programs, click here.