The Estevan Police Service and members of the community have benefitted in several ways from the Report Impaired Drivers program.

There's the issue of impaired driving - the target of the program. SGI said that in the decade since the program launched in 2010, 2,870 Criminal Code charges were laid in the province, along with 581 roadside suspensions, and 1,750 other charges.

Though it can lead to catching other illegal activities too.

EPS were called to a report of an impaired driver Thursday night. Sgt. Evan Handley said the person behind the wheel wasn't impaired, but had been breaching conditions.

"Members arrested and lodged a 45-year-old male from Estevan for failing to comply with his release conditions. The male had been consuming alcohol, but not enough to be charged with impaired driving."

The man is being held in custody until a Monday court appearance. He was charged with two counts of failing to comply with his release order.

Handley said the program makes it easier for officers to police a larger area.

"Often times if we're not in a very specific area we won't be able to find an impaired driver. So anytime somebody else can report someone that they feel isn't driving well, it helps us a huge amount."

The program can also be a lifesaver if a driver is suffered from a medical condition.

"If it is something that's not caused by alcohol or drugs, and it is something that's medical, then we can be there to help that person and make sure that EMS or a family member are there to help out," said Handley.