The Saskatchewan government is looking to get producers on board with their new Livestock Facility Emissions Program.

That's being offered under the suite of programs part of the Sustainable Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

This program offers support to the intensive hog and sheep industries with a main goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by increasing efficiency or replacing energy sources reliant on fossil fuels in existing facilities.

There's also funding available to enhance and optimize environmental efficiency with liquid manure management.

To be eligible for funding under the program, the producer must be 18 years of age or older and operate an intensive hog or sheep operation that confines a minimum of 300 animal units in Saskatchewan and comply with The Agriculture Operations Act.

Businesses must be in operation for a minimum of two years and demonstrate a minimum gross farm income of $50,000 in the year of the application or prior in order to qualify. First Nation bands in the province are also eligible.

Jason Falk, the program specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture, shares some more details on the potential funding for producers.

"This program offers $60 per animal unit per facility site with a cost-shared at a 60/40 basis between the government and the applicant. Eligible applicants, including those with multiple facilities, can receive funding for more than one project. The maximum funding available throughout the life of this program is $500,000 and the program deadline is March 31, 2028."

What expenses would qualify for the program include energy efficient equipment and methods of finding out how to make your facility more energy efficient.

"Eligible expenses under this program would include such things as an energy audit or analysis, roof and wall insulation replacing doors or windows, or putting in a more efficient boiler heater," said Falk, "Also, investments in liquid manure management equipment such as a liquid injection system also would qualify."

"A great way to optimize this program is starting with a third-party energy analysis or audit, which is also an eligible expense under this program. These assessments provide a tailored recommendation for enhancing operations, not only for reducing emissions but also improving overall productivity and sustainability."

Falk says anyone who's interested should call the Agriculture Knowledge Centre at 1-866-457-2377 or head to the Saskatchewan government's website.