Saskpower unveiled that they would be applying to increase the number of megawatts they receive from the Southwest Power Pool.

The SPP has 106 members across 14 states and manages the electric grid and wholesale power market for the central United States. Currently, there is 150 MW coming from SPP, and this new application would increase that amount to 650 MW.

The SPP is just one of a few different places Saskpower gets its energy from and an increase in the amount provided could open Saskatchewan up to new energy projects.

SaskPower Spokesperson Joel Cherry says the increased power would go towards making a stable base for the province.

"Right now, we typically import more power in circumstances where peak loads are high, and we need to get additional power in and we import power in from Alberta as well, we have some power purchase agreements from Manitoba ... In this case, 650 MW is a pretty substantial amount of electricity."

The extra stability will come in handy for SaskPower as more renewable energy sources are set up throughout the province.

Since those have trouble with baseload power, an agreement with the SPP could help stabilize the province in case it's needed.

"Eventually the power would be available whenever we need it. So it provides a lot of flexibility for our system. We're adding more renewables, we're going to have a 100 MW solar facility down there in Estevan, and we've got a couple of large wind facilities lately, but those facilities aren't available all the time. They're dependent on environmental conditions."

The agreement isn't just one way, however - SaskPower can help some of the American states if they need assistance.

"This enables transmission lines in both directions. You might remember a couple of years ago there was a winter storm down in Texas that caused quite a bit of havoc down there. We exported power pretty consistently for a while through the United States to support Texas through our current line."

Cherry says that overall, customers won't see any significant changes day-to-day if this application is accepted.