With students returning to classrooms and leaving summer behind, one aspect is still sticking around - the smoke.

With the province receiving a record amount of smoke hours, plenty has made its way down to the southeast over the summer.

That's something that teachers and their school divisions have to adapt to.

Misty Big Eagle-Bayliss, the Principal of Westview School, says that so far the smoke doesn't seem to be too disruptive.

"We noticed it more with kids coming in yesterday because we just had such an abundance on the weekend, that kids were coming in with sore throats and a bit of a cough. Recess time, we're only out for about 15 minutes and then we're back inside so I think it's okay, we haven't had any real issues so far so hopefully that stays the same for us."

For kids with breathing problems such as asthma, indoor recesses are available while the smoke's out.

That's also the practice at Pleasantdale School, with Principal Michelle Smart saying that smoke can affect kids differently.

"We always have a small number of students who might have asthma or they might have something else, and they will stay in while the weather is like that. We've had quite a bit of that this summer honestly."

While the smoke is forecasted to die down after today, it's been predicted that more smoke will make its way to the southeast over the fall.

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