The Southeast Cornerstone Public School Division board meeting covered significant updates, including the selection of an architect for a new school in Carlyle and a tentative collective bargaining agreement with teachers.  

Trustee Jim Vermeersch, the SECPSD representative for Carlye, reported that the Number Ten Architectural group was chosen as the architect for the new school being built. Vermeersch added that this firm was responsible for the planning and construction of Legacy Park Elementary School in Weyburn.  

“We will now meet with them to discuss future steps to be taken,” said Vermeersch.  

During that same meeting Director of Education Keith Keating informed members of the board that a new but tentative collective bargaining agreement had been established with SECPSD teachers. The agreement gained 85 per cent approval and was sent to the board for approval/agreement. The board approved the terms that had been set out in the agreement.  

SECPSD also noted that they will return to the live-streaming public forum format. This will take place on June 19, 2024 at 1p.m, where members will gather at the head office in Weyburn.