The Saskatchewan Health Authority issuing a reminder to the public – legal affidavits are not necessary to record immunization objections. The statement was released Friday. 

In the statement, they point out that while proof of vaccination public health measures were introduced on October 1st for specific events, public spaces and places of work, the immunizations against COVID-19 are not mandatory.  

Some people in Saskatchewan, however, have chosen to interpret the public health measures as making vaccinations mandatory, and have gotten affidavits objecting to the mandatory immunization. The SHA even said in their release some Commissioners of Oath in the province are charges fees to submit the affidavits for processing. However, since immunizations are not mandatory, an exemption is not needed, and the affidavits don’t serve a purpose. 

The SHA is asking people who are considering submitting an affidavit in response to COVID-19 immunization not to. The affidavits are not entered into any health database and are destroyed upon receipt.  

The release then clarified that public health orders are lawful requirements made under legislative authority. If a person chooses to not be vaccinated, or cannot be vaccinated, they can present a negative COVID-19 test as accommodation in order to access the businesses and services outlined in the public health orders. No other documentation will be accepted in lieu of proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.