This month for the Perfect Pet contest we asked you to send in your stories about how your furry, scaly, or feathery friend came into your life. Here are the contestants!

Being widowed, I decided to get a kitten at the Humane Society to keep me company. Roxy is 8 months old now. When she is not sleeping, she follows me around the house. She loves to play, especially with items with feathers attached to them. When I Come home from work, she always meets me at the door as I enter the house.



Axle is our newest rescue from the Estevan Humane Society! He brings our family so much joy after losing a dog. We met Axle when we first moved here in august and we always said if we ever got the chance we wanted to adopt this boy. Well we finally got our chance and we’ve never looked back. Axle loves to come pick his sister up From the bus and drop her off every day rain or shine! He lets you know it’s time with a big kangaroo jump. We spend our days walking the paths and cuddling! He’s finally found his furever home and we’ve found another best friend!


my cat pebbles is very vocal and he likes to meow at me at around 4 in the morning almost every day he’s very sweet and has the cutest eyes I love him so much and so does everyone that comes to my house too some days he will come and lay on me and just lay there till I move he loves to be pet and he loves cheese.


Face is 3 years old, 13 pounds and counting. The definition of a farm cat, Face loves long walks to the fridge and drinking cold water with the boys, and sleeping all day. He likes stealing our kittens hunts.


Angel is my best friend. It took me a year to decide on getting a dog , as I lost 2 dogs in a house fire.


Mom got me everything i needed for a hamster at christmas. I had to wait to get my new pet when we were able to get it at Weyburn on January 22, 2022. I picked out a teddy bear hamster that looked so cute. She loved her new cage and mommy and I started training her. I named her Sunflower, but mom calls her Spitz after the sunflower seeds and she likes to spit her shells and other things. She loves running around all over the house in her ball. When she wants in her ball she will bite on her cage until I show her the ball then she stops biting and gets all excited to go in. She also likes to cuddle with me or sit on my shoulder. She loves to lay down on my chest and go to sleep even. She loves trying new fresh fruits and vegetables. I am going to get a leash for her so we can start going on small walks as she just loves to be out of her cage. She has brought a lot of happiness in my life as i wanted a pet for a long time. When i wake up in the morning she is awake to play with me then she goes to sleep until night time to play more. Mom bought me a pet carrying purse so i will be able to take her out. I love her. 


We rescued Ellie when she was just a baby at 6 weeks old! She’s a character that one! She’s sassy, sleepy and loves her toy “fishy”! She will be turning 2 years old in may!


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