The southeast is looking down the barrel at a significant system that will hit the area in the coming days.

Two systems will be heading through the southeast, starting tonight with a bit of a warmer rain.

Environment Canada meteorologist Terri Lang details what's coming our way.

"We will get a weather system that will bring snow to much of Southern Saskatchewan. The southeast corner and down, along the US border, looks like it's going to be more mixed with rain initially, so accumulations are going to be really hard to call, plus the the ground is still quite warm. So hard to know exactly how much will come, but certainly the bulk of the snow will fall in the west-central areas of the province."

"Then there'll be a secondary system that comes through on Wednesday. It kind of sneaks up again and that one looks like it will bring more in the way of snow just because the colder air will finally make it into that southeast corner. Got some good wind with that as well. Certainly some falling temperatures and that one is threatening to bring a little bit more in the way of snow for that southeast corner."

With colder temperatures expected after those systems, it looks like that snow will stick around for a bit.

"Certainly will stick around for a few days just because it is going to be cold. I think the roads will become clear but it might be hanging around on the lawns and that type of thing. I don't think it's here for the season, I think it's a bit too early for that because we probably will see some recovery in temperature probably next week."

Lang also recommends people keep an eye on the roads as there's a chance those turn slick over the next few days.

"We know that the roads are slickest right around the zero-degree mark, so people have a chance here to get their winter tires on today before everything happens and get their car ready and get the snow shovel out and all that kind of stuff. So people have that opportunity before that next system hits." 

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