The last two days have been quite the treat for anyone looking to enjoy being outside during winter, with positive temperatures taking the chill out of the air that we saw last week.

Those temperatures will unfortunately not last forever, though it's still looking to be above-average temperature-wise over the coming days.

First, we have to get through a shot of snow that will fall over much of Southern Saskatchewan, according to Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang.

"The southeast corner will receive some snow, looks to be about five to six centimeters worth of snow," said Lang, "The temperatures will be near that freezing mark so that's gonna make some tricky driving conditions as well. we'll see some wind coming along with that so we'll probably see some good blowing and drifting snow so something to keep in mind if you're heading out on the road."

After that snow comes in Tomorrow, Friday will also bring some snow along with a blast of cold air.

The weekend will return to near-zero temperatures, but that won't last long once next week starts.

"We will have a couple more days with some nicer temperatures and then it looks like the colder air will return probably after Monday. It doesn't look like it'll be really deep arctic air but it looks like it'll turn colder again," said Lang, "Just a bit of a rollercoaster of temperatures over the next week or so."

Between the snow and the current weather conditions, Lang stresses that people should stay safe when heading out on the roads.

"The roads, with the melting and freezing with the milder temperatures we can get black ice forming in the morning," said Lang, "Then, of course, tomorrow and Friday with the snow coming in and blowing and drifting snow, people should know to check the Highway Hotline before they head out."

That also applies when being outside, as even though it's not as cold as it could be, it can still get chilly in some situations.

"Certainly try to stay dry when you're outside enjoying the temperatures just because when you're wet it's harder to get warm," said Lang, "Keep in mind that we do have the colder air coming in next week."