The Government of Saskatchewan is looking to shine a spotlight on those who help out disabled people in Saskatchewan with Disability Service Professionals Week.

Lasting from May 22 to 26, the days are spent looking at some of the work put in by some of those people and organizations.

"Building strong, inclusive communities for people with disabilities remains a focus for our province, and the work of the disability service sector is key to achieving this vision," Social Services Minister Gene Makowsky said. "I thank disability service professionals across Saskatchewan for their important work to ensure everyone can develop their potential and participate in their communities to the best of their abilities."

Here in the southeast, Estevan Diversified Services helps out those in the area with a variety of services.

Interim Executive Director Cindy Anderson says they do a lot of activities that are well received.

"We have a variety of programs. We support people in their homes, we support people in the Community, we provide a day program and we support them in every aspect of their lives so that they can enjoy everything that everybody else does."

"I think our participants enjoy spending time with the staff and trust them to help them out where they need. They want to go out to the big game, they say 'Hey, I need help buying tickets, I need help getting to the game', or if there's a concert or if they need help learning how to cook a new meal."

Anderson says the work they do is important to help people with their daily life.

"I think it's important that we support people to live their best lives, to be a part of our community. What our staff do is so appreciated by our participants, by the management team. They give 100% and they are always there for them." 

She wanted to give thanks to the staff who work tirelessly to help those who need it.

"I just want to say, we really appreciate our staff and what they do. Our participants appreciate them so much, we appreciate what they do," said Anderson, "Sometimes it's not an easy job, but they all do excellent jobs and they support our people and we want to support them."