Frobisher, Saskatchewan is celebrating the success of one of its young athletes, Kale Marsdin, who recently won a gold medal in American-style kickboxing at the DMA Winter National Tournament in Calgary, Alberta.

Marsdin, who trains at Genki Martial Arts, was one of three athletes from the club to win a medal at the tournament.

"The tournament had three sports in it,"  explained Marsdin "Muay Thai K1 kickboxing, Olympic-style kickboxing, and karate." Keanno Mendoza won silver and Slade Erdman won a bronze in kickboxing as well.

Genki Martial ArtsKeanno Mendoza, Slade Erdman, Robert Blowatt, and Kale Marsdin at the DMA Winter National Tournament in Calgary, Alberta.

Marsdin was inspired to join the sport because of his father Sensai Robert Blowatt; an instructor of American-style kickboxing at Genki Martial Arts and a black belt in Shotokan karate.

Marsdin and Blowatt were on the Rock 106 morning show to discuss martial arts in southeast Saskatchewan and their experience at the tournament.