The Canada Day long weekend went by mostly smoothly before being interrupted by a band of severe weather Monday afternoon.

The weather took place after most celebrations, meaning that the majority of spirits weren't dampened by the rain.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Terri Lang talks about the system that swept through the province yesterday.

"There's a good band of severe weather that went through a good part of the province which wasn't particularly organized, but it was the southeast and east central areas that saw the most action."

Most areas avoided any seriously damaging weather though one area potentially saw a tornado touch down.

"I didn't see any reports of hail, which is kind of unusual. Not any reports of heavy rain either," said Lang. "There were quite a number of funnel clouds seen. It was around Melville that saw sort of the most action with one particular storm continuing to produce funnel clouds and we're trying to confirm whether there were tornadoes as well."

Estevan meanwhile saw relatively little action, receiving 0.8 millimeters yesterday and 0.3 overnight, making a total of 1.1 millimeters through the storm.

There's a chance rain will continue through the week, though Lang says it's unlikely we'll see any overly severe systems.

"We're going to continue in sort of this unsettled pattern, which means that there's just a lot of weather systems that will be moving through, so chances of showers, thunder showers, doesn't look like anything really organized. Keep an eye on the forecast, especially when it comes to watches and warnings, just in case we get some severe weather."