City police want to hear about any suspicious vehicles anywhere in town as they investigate a copper theft from the industrial area.

The Estevan Police Service reported numerous calls from the weekend, including a Friday report of copper wire being stolen from motors from a business in the industrial area.

"As a preventative measure police ask the public to report any suspicious vehicles observed in any areas so members can attend to identify the individuals and the vehicles," said police in a release.

Police were also notified of possible suspicious activity, where individuals were selling items, claiming that profits were supposed to go to help families in need. The matter remains under investigation.

Other weekend police matters included:

  • a complaint of vehicles speeding in the Hillside area. Police set up radar for an extended time, but did not clock any speeders.
  • Two drivers were issued 72-hour license suspensions. One was stopped after leaving a business that sells alcohol. The other was pulled over after leaving a local restaurant.
  • Two Saturday curfew checks were completed. Both resulted in charges for failing to comply with conditions of a release, as the subjects were not home.