Southeast songstress Tegan Littlechief has been nominated for three Saskatchewan Country Music Awards (SCMA) 

Her nominations include Female Artist of the Year, Indigenous Artist of the Year and Fans Choice Entertainer of the Year. 
Nearly two decades into her career she said that she has been able to give 110 per cent in the last few years, and the hard work is paying off. 

She said she would not have been able to get where she is in her career without the support of her community.  

“My community has always stood behind me, and you know supported me along the way. Everybody’s been so amazing and being able to follow me with gratitude and all their love, and it just shows because I don’t do this for myself, I do this for the people that love music and love my music,” said Littlechief.  

Littlechief explained that when she first got into music, she envisioned being a rock singer. During her first singing competition, she had to switch lanes to sing country music. However, she added she still enjoys channelling her inner rocker.  

For Littlechief, the stories in country music are what have sustained her career. With her most recent song being rooted in heartache. She was able to incorporate the way her son felt about big life changes, and how they can shape a person.  

“Country music is such a big part of life. I think it’s one of the genres that will never die.” 

Recently, she joined other local musicians, hosting an open mic night in Carlyle. During the show she was blown away by the level of talent she saw.  

“I see these people every day and I never knew that this is how truly artistic they are,” said Littlechief. “There are so many gems hidden in southeast Saskatchewan, and I’m just so proud to be able to represent my Southeast region.”  

As for the upcoming music awards she is excited to spend the night with her fellow musicians. She said that it will be nice to get to know them better and connect over their love of country music. Noting that she is in great company on the ballot.  

“Even to be a nominee, it’s a dream come true. It shows that I have that many supporters out there that believe in me, and want to see me thrive.”