The town of Redvers is once again certified to offer marriage licenses through the town office.  

Marriage licenses were previously available through the town office, but due to staffing changes, it was no longer possible. 

“We decided that it was something we wanted to bring back specifically because our community got used to them being here,” said Assistant Chief Administrative Officer Jena Cowan. “We’ve had couples walk in inquiring and then we’ve had to turn them away or recommend them somewhere else.”  

All three of the town's administrative staff have been appointed as deputy marriage license issuers. 

“No matter who is at work or not, if you come in you will be able to get your marriage license,” said Cowan.  

To take advantage of the marriage license service it is best to call ahead and make an appointment. 

“We do recommend that just because the paperwork and documentation take a little bit of time and we just need to make sure that somebody is here and dedicated to that couple,” said Cowan.