Two men were charged with sexual assault over the weekend.

The Estevan Police Service were called to a report of a sexual assualt during the night shift Friday. Police said they identified the suspects and arrested them Saturday morning. Two males were charged with one count of sexual assault.

One of them was on a probation order and was charged for failing to comply with conditions of the order. 

Their first court appearances are scheduled for August 15.

The Estevan Police Service was not able to comment any further on the matter.

Police were also called to a residence for a well-being check in the early hours of Friday. Members determined that an assault had occurred. The suspect was not at the residence, but police arrested him later that day. The 53-year-old was released on conditions to not have contact with the alleged victim. The man has his first court appearance on July 18.

Police were also called about a suspicious person in the trees near dog park at Woodlawn. Police say they located the subject, and that there were no issues.

A theft from a grocery store was reported on Saturday. A pair of suspects were identified and arrested for theft, and will appear in court on July 18.

Police also dealt with a bar fight, an intoxicated male in the central part of the city, and a group of young males on the roof of the Estevan Comprehensive School. Police are investigating whether there was damage to the school. The youths will be charged under the Trespass to Property Act.