The suspension of Estevan doctor Medhi Horri will continue for now, according to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

The College's council met on Friday to discuss Dr. Horri, and determined that the suspension will continue for an undetermined amount of time.

"It'll continue for a time," said the college's legal counsel Bryan Salte. "The council directed that the college staff and Dr. Horri are to work towards coming up with a plan to deal with protection in the interim while matters are under investigation."

Horri had his license suspended for a second time earlier this month after a patient complained of malpractice, and for allegedly not having a chaperone present with the same female patient. Salte said new concerns have also recently come to light involving a second patient, but could not provide specifics.

"There is a concern about a few things which Doctor Horri was doing in his office or his clinic that weren't part of the information which the council considered when it made its decision," he said.

Salte added that there's no clear timeframe for the suspension length or a possible return to practice.

"It has to go to the executive committee, so I can't indicate at the moment how long this will take to discuss with Doctor Horri to see if we can reach some sort of an agreement," he said. "But whatever it is that we manage to come up with, it will have to be approved by the executive committee."