After a rainy few days, some warmth is coming to the southeast this weekend just before a storm hits.

Temperatures are expected to get to the high 20s, setting a new highest daily temperature for the year.

Chris Stammers, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, explains where that warmer air is coming from.

"It looks like a pretty mild pattern, normals right now for Estevan are around 18 for a high, so certainly going to be above that and have been above that for the last couple of days. But what we've been looking at is a pretty active storm tracking to our North and it's allowing warm air from the South to kind of flood northward over the province."

While the heat will be notable this weekend it'll miss Environment Canada's warning guidelines.


"We're not quite at the mark there where prolonged outdoor activity can start to impact you, but we're kind of getting towards that point. I think our threshold for extreme heat is about 32, either with the air temperature or the humidex," said Stammers, "So we're kind of getting up there and certainly people need to remember to stay hydrated and limit their outdoor activity in milder temperatures."

Humidity won't be a big problem over the weekend as crops are using a lot of moisture in the southeast.

Some more moisture will come following the weekend as a storm is set to come through Monday night.

"It's a little bit far out at this time of the year, things like to flip flop around a fair bit, but it does look like we enter a bit more of an unsettled pattern Monday and Tuesday with multiple chances for precipitation, but it still looks pretty mild overall, like temperatures in the low 20s," said Stammers, "So not really looking at a huge change, but maybe a chance precipitation will increase as we go into next week."