The provincial government promised it and they're now sending out the $500 tax credits to people across the province.

We asked some of our readers in a non-scientific poll to tell us whether or not they had received their cheques, and what that money would be going towards. Bills, groceries, and other needs were high on the respondents' list of priorities.

The credit will be a great help for people in the province, according to one respondent, Daryle:

"I think it'll help a lot of people in certain ways, such as if they're struggling with bills or certain finance, I think it'll be a good time, especially around Christmas time for the province as well."

Laura, one of our other respondents, says bills are a top priority in many people's minds.

"I have heard a lot about it. I have a lot of clientele and even just the older generation I've heard they're using it to supplement with groceries and stuff like that, so I have heard some really good things about it."

Have you received the tax credit?

pie chart tax credit

Of the 274 responses that we received for our first question in the survey:

  • yes represented 39 votes (14.2%)

  • no represented 233 votes (84.7%)

  • one person answered that they were not eligible (.04%)

  • two people who were eligible responded by saying that they hadn't checked yet. (.07%)


What do you plan to do with that tax credit?

We received 158 responses to our second question in the survey, which let people give their own answers.

From 119 comments, we learned:

  • 62 people said they'd put the money towards bills, food, and other needs

  • four would put that towards groceries and holiday shopping

  • 17 people said they would be saving the money

  • 13 people said it would go towards holiday shopping

  • two people would donate it

  • two respondents said they would travel

  • one person is using the money for kids' activities

  • six people are putting that towards household items, entertainment, and personal accessories

  • 12 people are not sure where they'd put that, or just responded "other"

The results from the survey were gathered on the morning of November 22, at approximately 8 a.m.