The most recent warmup being enjoyed by the region may begin to have some adverse effects when it comes to driving, especially when we look at the weather forecast.
"Next week has a potential for some bigger snowfalls," noted Environment Canada Regional Meteorologist John-Paul Cragg.
"The models aren't consistent on when, but they are showing the pattern in such a way that the low pressure systems may once again track through the province, bringing snow or even rain to southeastern Saskatchewan."
With that said, wisdom dictates caution when travelling on the highways.
"If it rains throughout the day, and then the temperature dips below zero in the evening, the roads are going to start to get slippery," expressed Constable Daniel Gaignard with the Estevan RCMP.
"What often occurs is a very thin sheet of ice that you can't really see. Another issue is that once things start warming up, there is still a little bit of ice underneath the layer of water. This is extremely slick, but it may appear as though the road is just wet, until you realize that you have no traction. By then it's too late."
He advises motorists to slow down, and to give themselves more time to stop at intersections. 
"When you first pull out onto the highway, if its safe to do so and there are no cars behind you, you can tap your brakes slightly, just to see if it is slippery."
"The last thing you want to do is to be cruising along at those speeds and need to stop, and then realize that you are travelling too fast for the conditions," he expressed.
City of Estevan Roads and Drainage Manager Norm Mack also shared what his team is doing to prepare for those issues.
"We will have crews that are standing by ready to go to work, whether it be for salt and sand, or for drainage issues. I suspect that we will be working on those, and monitoring the situation throughout the city for most of the long weekend."
Last, but not least, the Ministry of Highways and Transportation is doing their part to ensure safe travels for everyone in the area.
Communications Consultant Brandy Leippi says that their people will be on call as well, and advised drivers to be careful around the equipment.
"Do not pass them going over 60 kilometers per hour. They do pull over whenever it is safe for them to do so to let the traffic behind them pass."
Check out the 5-day forecast and the road reports to stay up to date on the latest conditions.

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Slick Roads May Be In Store For The Long Weekend

The most recent warmup being enjoyed by the region may begin to have some adverse effects when it comes to driving, especially when we look at the weather forecast. "Next week has a potential for… is Estevan's only source for community news and information such as weather and classifieds.

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