A new zoning bylaw, which was brought up at Monday's council meeting, may end up changing what's allowed in some parts of the city.

Last year a community plan was passed in council in regards to land use, and the zoning bylaw is the regulatory document for that update. 

That can encompass what kind of land uses can take place in an area and what kind of guidelines there are for those buildings.

Richard Neufeld, the Planning Manager for the city's Land Development Services says there'll be a few changes going along with that new document.

"This is a complete re-write, so it does delve into some things that weren't covered in the previous bylaw." 

"The home-based business is quite different in some respects compared to what it is under our current zoning bylaw, there may be feedback on that, on the range of these home-based businesses and the criteria they may have."

"There also may be some questions regarding land uses in different areas. for example, there's going to be a companion document forwarded to council here soon regarding land use in that glen-Peterson and Walmart area. The new zoning bylaw is going to allow for mixed-use residential in that area. For example, you could have potentially a hotel converted to a senior's home, or you could have a distillery in the glen-Peterson area in the college."

Some of those changes also include a helicopter landing protection area established at the hospital.

Neufeld says he's looking to take opinions from Estevan citizens regarding the change in zoning bylaws.

"The role that I'm trying to do here is to keep this consultation going for quite a while, at least until the end of February, then at that point I'm going to be tabulating any comments that we've received, and providing the staff responses to them, and that will go in a report to council."

Neufeld says the new zoning bylaws will be available online on the city of Estevan's website in the coming days.