The Estevan Police Service is looking into two reports of scams from the weekend.

One was a report from Friday of somebody being scammed out of a damage deposit while trying to rent a property in the city.

The other report, from Saturday, was an alleged case of fraud. A victim had e-transferred funds to a person supposedly selling appliances. The seller never showed up with the appliances.

Police are continuing the investigate both matters.

Other weekend policing calls included:

  • a report of two people attempting to break into a local business. Police spoke to two people that were only window shopping.
  • a report of a stolen debit card, which was used at several locations around the city.
  • a set of keys was found. You can contact the EPS if you think they might be yours.
  • a male receiving unwanted messages and phone calls.
  • a possible assault that occurred in the early morning.
  • something on fire in a back yard in the central part of the city. Members attended and located the homeowner burning leaves. Member advised the homeowner of the bylaw prohibiting the burning of leaves and garbage. The fire was put out. No further action required.
  • a missing 10-year-old boy, who was found shortly after.