As August comes to a close, the Perfect Pet Contest for this month has witnessed an array of heartwarming entries that celebrate the cherished bond between pets and their owners. From playful moments to heart-melting interactions, the submissions have truly captured the essence of companionship.


MikkiMy name is Mikki. I am a 7 year old Mi-Ki. My favorite things are dressing up and going to work with Mommy.


ZannahZannah is my new puppy, she’s a sweet 4 month old chihuahua/yorkie cross. Zannah is a silly and energetic little girl, very smart and learns quickly. She is also extremely friendly - she loves other dogs and humans alike!

No name yet

No name yetI have a litter of Frenchton puppies and this little girl is just the sweetest little thing.


JaxJax is our big house dog, loves to go for walks and runs, he is 2 years old and the biggest cuddle bug ever.


BirdieBirdie is a Saint Bernard crossed with Bernese Mountain dog. She is the suckiest big dog you could ever know. Her favourite place is sitting on a lap while she gets endless pets and then giving puppy dog eyes for more. Birdie loves playing with other dogs - big or small, or meeting new people, or patiently waiting for all the cats she dreams of playing with to fall in love with her.


MaxMax is 4 1/2 years old. He is the biggest snuggly dog when he gets to know you. He knows when it’s time for bed cause he’ll start heading for the bedroom. Max loves cheese and anything cheese related.


GunnerGunner is a 4 month old highly active Labrador retriever. He loves to play, run and chew on anything in sight!


MonkeyMonkey is a 11 year old Chinese crested. She has a strong personality and a very unique look. She loves attention, treats and her toys.


WileyHe’s a sweet goofy boy.


BooneBoone is 3.5 years old pug mix, loves to ride in the side by side, bark at cows and go for cruises in the truck. Snacks are his favorite part of the day.


RubyWe found Ruby at the humane society and she’s been a perfect fit ever since. The best thing about her is that she plays fetch like a dog!


Wall-EWall-E is a great new addition to our family. He loves walks, but is always tripping on his ears, but they come in handy so he can test water temperature when taking a drink. ????

Maisy & Rayne

Maisy & RayneRayne is 12 and Maisy is 10, they’ve been best friends their whole lives!


WillowOur English Springer love fishing, camping and hunting.


FíonnHe's my 7 year old boxer mastiff x .. he hates lying on the bare floor so much I found him trying to fit his 90lb body on his folded mat .... he's such a dork , but a totally loveable one.


SmoresMy daughter jokes Smores is the favourite child in our house. She had quite the personality, she is most happiest when all us are awake, she will bug us all until we are up and out of bed. After we up she is most content.


Remi13 week old Jack Russell Terrier. Energetic and loves to play with her humans until it’s time to cuddle up on someone’s lap. Enjoys playing fetch, going for car rides and digging in the garden and sandbox.


LenaLena is a 2 1/2 year old German Shepherd that loves going to Auntie Dawn’s!


GizmoHey everyone I’m Gizmo. Mom rescued me and has been nursing me back to health! I love brussell sprouts, Fresh beans from moms garden. I can be found basking on my rock like the king Dragon I am. I’m very dramatic when I want attention and will do anything to get my humans to let me watch tv with them. Bein out in the sun and garden are my favorite activities. When my mom took me I was almost blind but now I’m seeing things and exploring the house on my own.


RoxyRoxy is a Frenchton. She loves being outside and long walks! We love her so much.


SkittlesAdopted her from the humane society.


RoxyLove at first sight!


KarneKarne is a 1 1/2 year old blue beta fish. He likes to come and visit at the front of his tank whenever you open the drawer that contains his food pellets. He also is known to transfer rocks from the bottom of his tank into the decorative plants.


QuagmireGiGGity GiGGity The friskiest rooster in the coop!


ArnieArnie is a 1 year old Birder Collie X. He’s avery loving boy with an abundance of energy! He’s taken a love to the beach & swimming this summer!


AtlasAtlas, aka “Atty” is a big mommas boy. He’s a senior Cane Corso who will be 9 in October. He enjoys his couch, bones and loves meeting new people. He’s our gentle giant but thinks he’s a lap dog. His favorite past times are naps, car rides and new adventures, especially those to Tim Hortons. ????


JakerHe is a very energetic old dog that acts like a puppy, even though he has no teeth.


BaxterCavalier King Charles spaniel loves everything there is in life and is a very quick learner. Only a year old.


EggburtHe has to climb up on me every day to say hi. He is jealous when our other cat gets on my lap.


NigelNigel is our 5-month-old Banana Cinnamon Ball Python. He is very curious, and likes to snuggle on our shoulders and play with long hair. He has been so good to us, and we couldn’t imagine having a cuter nope-rope.


LunaLuna is a goof. She puts a smile on our faces everyday. She is happiest playing fetch, seeing her brother, swimming, carrying her sticks and getting a belly rub! We love Luna for so many reasons, most people love her stripy “raccoon” tail when they first meet her!

Moose and Gus

Moose and GusMoose is a 4 month old pitbull mix puppy who love his brother Gus.


BarbieBarbie is a miniature long haired daschhound. She loves snuggles, toys, and she has decided to be part shark.(she bites everything)????


MurphyMurphy is now 11 weeks old & is a cross between a Cardigan Welsh and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I have Murphy with me as a emotional support dog, myself recently diagnosed with PTSD. Murphy is smart, loving and totally committed to caring about his people ????

El Savador

El SavadorHe is a male gargoyle gecko that loves to snuggle and run around. Though he is nocturnal he is super nice and an omnivor that doesn't take much to care for compared to a dog. Some people don't like lizards but he isn't just a lizard he's THE gecko. Waking up in the morning you can see him and before bed when you need to have cool down time. And during the day he sleeps.


HankHank is a frenchie that love begging for snacks and cuddles. He is a great dog and a great friend.


CheezieCheezie is a 11 year old orange tabby cat. He loves to be a big baby and has plenty to say. Cheezie came from a barn when I was a little kid and we have became inseparable since. He loves to play with his toys and a very agile, although he’s very stubborn.


PenelopePenelope is a black cat but the most affectionate cat you will ever meet. She loves to be in the spotlight and will never pass up attention in other words she is very bossy. Don’t let that cuteness fool you she is a trouble maker for sure. But she sure does love her cuddles.

Ireland ( aka teeny )

Ireland ( aka teeny )Ireland is a tabby coloured cat and she is the baby of our family. We nicknamed her teeny cause she’s so small and has a baby face. A few years ago when we adopted her a few days after having her we realized she had only had 2 toes on her back foot. She loves to be cuddled and to play. She will play with her toy fish anytime of the day.


AutumnThis is autumn she is an Australian shepherd! She loves her 3 sisters and LOVES her toys. Her Nick name is autty and she loves snuggles, she has the best personality and loves people! She is 11 weeks old????????


RyukHe loves to sleep, eat and go for walks. He’s not the very snuggly but he loves to play.


CindyCindy is a great dog that loves kids and eating!!


RugerRuger is the best employee at the Midale terminal for Kingston Midstream. He's dedicated, never late, and mostly keeps porcupines away. He loves chicken weiners and his coworkers.


PennyHer royal highness, Penny Pooper, rules over her house in Estevan and her vacation home in Weyburn. She loves her mom and dad and tolerates her brother. She loves to sleep in the window, help her dad on the computer, snuggle her mom, and wake her dad up in the night for extra pets.


CharlieCharlie is an active and spunky dog with a very unique personality. He loves going on walks, runs, and swimming at Boundary. He loves cuddling and hogging the bed when he gets the chance.


EdwardThis is our “Grandpuppy” Edward. We take care of him quite often when our daughter has to work shift work. He like to bring us small stones in from outside and present them as gifts! Love this little guy.


PongoPongo is a POA Pint of America he is a leopard Appaloosa he has spend a lot of time riding at the trails in the mountains my daughter rode him in a few local parades I love his unique markings!

The culmination of the August Perfect Pet Contest is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for August 29th, when Dawn Klassen from All Creatures will join the show during the 8 o'clock hour to announce the deserving winner. The lucky pet and its owner will receive $50 gift cards to both All Creatures and Rodeo Dawg, a gesture that celebrates the special bond between pets and their humans.

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