The Torquay Rink was busy this weekend, as they hosted the U11 South East Minor Hockey League to determine who would be moving on to the semi-finals.  

“This weekend was an amazing opportunity for our small town as the Torquay U11 Lions had the pleasure to host the playoff tournament Round Robin,” said organizer Nikki Berg.  

Eight teams from Milestone, Radville, Torquay, Weyburn and Yellow Grass took part in the tournament.  

The Torquay Lions took the top spot in Pool A, winning 3-0. The Radville White were in second place, winning 2-1. The Milestone Flyers took the top spot in Pool B winning 3-0. The Radville Red took the second top spot, winning 2-1. 

The SEMHL semi-finals will take place on March 19, where the hosting Torquay Lions will take on the Radville Red Nationals. Elsewhere the Milestone Flyers will face the Radville White.  

The winners of these two games will then go head-to-head on Wednesday for the SEMHL title.