A local softball group is looking to show off some local talents as part of an event for Estevan's softball players.

The 3rd Annual Energy City Exposure Showcase starts on Friday, June 28th lasting throughout the weekend with games to showcase some local players' skills.

Morgan Walter, who's helping coordinate the event, says that's to get them in front of college scouts.

"Our event is all about helping get players from across the Southeast and not necessarily just the Southeast, but across our whole province, softball players who are maybe looking to play at the college level to get them exposure in front of some college coaches. So this is all about trying to get the players at the next level playing at the college level."

Five teams are set to play over the weekend with college coaches looking to recruit players to their teams.

Walter says that so far the Estevan teams have been doing well this year.

"We actually run the southeast end of a softball club, but our U17 team is going to be the team that's competing at the showcase and they're doing quite well this year. We got lots of talent on the team, they're developing lots and I think a lot of the girls are super excited to be having this time to expose themselves in front of some college coaches because I know that a lot of them do have high aspirations to play at the college level."

Walter says the players are excited for the weekend with more than just games on the schedule.

"We got lots of stuff going on. We got camps that are ran by college coaches. We got former college athletes there, kind of interacting with the players and whatnot. We got a dinner that we put on, all on top of the games that they get to play, so not only will they get to actually play the game that they love and try and get themselves recruited, but they're also going to be able to just like, grow some relationships with people who have once lived out the dream that they want to do one day."

Full information on the schedule for the event can be found on the southeast Sun Devil's Facebook page.