The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan announced they had elected their new leader over the weekend.

The new leader will be the first one ever elected into the position by the party and will be representing them during the next election.

They previously had two interim leaders, one of whom led the party to receive third place out of all political parties in the 2020 Saskatchewan election.

Now Phillip Zajac is stepping into the role of party leader.

"It's not easy to start a new political party, and to be the first elected leader going forward into the next election is going to be an awesome ride and I look forward to the challenge of entering into politics."

Their first election was done online, through a system that apparently worked great.

"I want to thank the board, the membership, and everyone who helped put this together. it was the first time we did a virtual election, so people could vote from the comfort of their own homes," said Zajac, "The system worked essentially flawlessly, it was really easy to use and it was pretty exciting to use."

Moving forward the party will be hosting a convention to figure out what its policies will be in the upcoming election.

"Now the next step is we have a Policy Governance Convention that will be scheduled for the end of May. What that is, it's an opportunity for the members, as we are a member-driven party," said Zajac, "To bring to the floor the policy that they would like the buffalo party to bring forward and I'll be attending that as well."

Zajac asks people to join up with the party if they want to have their thoughts on where the party should head be heard and expects a lot of topics to be covered.

"There'll be all kinds, right now they're being submitted to the board. there'll be ag policy, there'll be lumber policy, anything that you can imagine in the province, if people want to submit policy and drive it in a certain direction that's the opportunity to do it."

The party will be led by Zajac into the next election on October 28th, 2024.