As the school year draws to a close, we were thrilled to celebrate our final Classroom of the Month winners at St. Mary's School. Mrs. Reich's grade 2 class was the lucky recipient for June, capping off a fantastic year of exciting visits and memorable moments.

Kids Love KFC

Throughout the year, we've had the pleasure of visiting numerous classrooms across the region, bringing joy, delicious food, and fun activities to students of all ages. From discussing favourite spring sports and admiring impressive artwork to sharing stories about beloved animals, each visit has been unique and heartwarming.

Kids Loce the Co-op

What a wonderful way to end the school year! Mrs. Reich's grade 2 class at St. Mary's School made our final Classroom of the Month visit truly special. Thank you to all the students, teachers, and schools that participated throughout the year, and a special thank you to our sponsors, KFC Estevan and the Southern Plains Co-op, for their continued support.

Do you know a class that deserves to be recognized next year? Keep an eye out for our Classroom of the Month program when it returns in the fall! Until then, enjoy your summer break and stay tuned for more exciting stories and updates.

See you next school year!