Estevan hotels will be filled with out-of-town guests this weekend as the city gets set to host yet another major sporting event.

The 2022 Western Canada Double A Baseball Championships begin Friday morning, but guests are already expected to start rolling in on Thursday afternoon, according to Jeff Pierson, the general manager of Days Inn. His hotel is already sold out.

"The hotel is completely filled with ball players, parents, grandparents," said Pierson. "It's going to be a very busy weekend for sure, but we're really looking forward to our fine city hosting such an event."

The baseball tournament, which will feature teams from Manitoba to B.C., comes just three months after Estevan hosted the Centennial Cup. Affinity Place will also host the Saskatchewan curling provincials this winter.

"One of the differences is, we were full for the Centennial Cup but each room kind of had one person in it, where as now this is a real family event," Pierson said. So we're going to see a lot more rooms with three or four people in we're actually going to have more people in the hotel than the Centennial Cup, funny enough."

Pierson added that he knows he'll have at least two teams from BC staying at his hotel.

Meanwhile, over at the Western Star, general manager Twyla Bauman says her hotel, which is a larger hotel at 118 rooms, will be about half full with baseball teams.

"We see it as a whole, we don't just worry about ourselves, we like to see the whole town busy. The restaurants, the shops, everybody," said Bauman.

Pierson thinks the economic spin off will be wide-reaching.

"This thing is a phenomenal thing for our community and all the organizers deserve a huge pat on the back," said Pierson. "This is a huge shot in the arm for not only us, but I believe every hotel in town. I'm quite confident all the restaurants will be busy. The spin offs are just incredible...whether they need some new equipment, or need groceries, or filling up their just goes on and on."

"Hard to put a price tag on this, but it's going to be a crazy four days in this city that's for sure."

Pierson said he loves meeting and interacting with people from out of town.

"That's the thing I love about my job the get to meet different people and have different conversations. "I think any time that we can showcase how awesome our city is and how friendly we are just goes a long way in us hosting other events in the future," he said.

"I think we have a proven track record...the Western Canada Cup, the Centennial Cup, different curling events, we're a great host city. That's something we should all be very proud of."