The Estevan Police Service handed out three 72-hour roadside suspensions on Monday.

Two drivers had concentrations of marijuana in their system higher than the threshold allowed while driving, and another's blood-alcohol content was above .04.

Constable Don DeChief said it's been a lot easier to recognize drivers that are impaired by marijuana since it was legalized.

"It puts a magnifying glass on it because there was no way of testing for it. We have the roadside screening device plus there are other options too. Now we have means to do that, so we're hoping to open up people's eyes to that fact and make them think twice before they jump behind the wheel of that vehicle."

The EPS uses a device called the SoToxa. It processes oral fluid within minutes to deliver results for THC and other drugs, according to the manufacturer's website.

"People are using marijuana and driving and thinking they're okay, but they stand a chance to be charged with impaired driving," said DeChief. "So don't take the chance. We're trying to get the message out there. When in doubt, just don't take the chance. Find somebody to drive or take a cab or some other means."

DeChief said one of the drivers whose license was suspended for cannabis could be charged criminally with impaired driving, depending on how subsequent test results turn out.