The Estevan Police Service had a few calls over the weekend, beginning on Friday, March 8.

EPS received a complaint of a male calling and harassing another individual. The subject of the complaint was contacted and warned regarding Criminal Harassment.

A hit-and-run occurrence was reported after a grey SUV sideswiped another vehicle. When going to exchange information, the driver of the SUV fled from the scene.

An owner of a vehicle has reported a male family member refusing to return the vehicle when asked to do so. An investigation into taking an automobile without consent under the criminal code has been started.

A complaint of a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed in a school zone was received. The license plate of the vehicle was obtained and the matter is still under investigation.

EPS received a report of a male fraudulently selling items on Facebook Marketplace. A deposit was placed on an item and the buyer has been unable to contact the seller since. A fraud investigation has been started on the matter.

On March 9, police were called to a report of a theft from a local grocery retailer. A description of the suspect was provided and the individual was located a short distance away from the store.

The same male is also alleged to have been involved in fraud regarding the sale of property. As a result, a 38-year-old Estevan man has been charged with theft and fraud. He will be appearing in court later in April.