After an otherwise uneventful week with several false alarms, the Estevan Fire Department were called out to a much more serious blaze yesterday evening, and they can't say very much about it just yet. 

According to Deputy Fire Chief Rick Davies, crews went out northeast of the city near the bypass at about 11:30 last night. They were called out there to deal with a report of a vehicle fire. 

"Crews responded along with EMS, RCMP, and EPS members," Davies said. "Upon arrival, we did find a fully involved vehicle, so crews arrived on-scene and quickly extinguished the fire. We did remain on-scene for several hours after, assisting the RCMP with investigation. Then we returned to the station."

Beyond the fact that RCMP were investigating, however, Davies could not provide much information on what had actually caused the fire. In the winter there can be more vehicle fires as people are more likely to leave them plugged in, but Davies could not say that was the cause and added that it is fairly rare. 

"There are instances where we do have vehicle fires locally that do have to do with being plugged in and stuff," he explained, "with the block heaters or internal car heaters, but it's not very common."

Davies added the RCMP were investigating the cause of the fire among other things but he could not provide any details on the investigation, other than to say that it did fall under the RCMP's jurisdiction because it happened under the city limits.