The Estevan Fire Department had a busy week, with more than a couple of fires to deal with.

Fire Chief Rick Davies filled us in on some of the events over the week.

On August 14, at around 1:00 PM,  crews were dispatched to a report of a grass fire along King Street in the West end of the city.

After responding they found a small area burnt along the North side of the street, with the fire having already been extinguished by a passerby.

The cause of the fire was determined to be a damaged communication line in the area. Crews remained on standby until the line was cleared and confirmed the fire was extinguished.

The next day, August 15, started just before 9:00 AM with a commercial fire alarm in the central part of the city. A crew responded and determined the alarm was due to system testing.

Later that day just after 6:00 PM, a report of a powerline being down and a tree fire in an alley in the South East area of the city was received with crews responding.

Crews confirmed a powerline was down though there were no signs of fire upon arrival.

Crews remained on the scene until SaskPower arrived and confirmed the power line was off. Crews then confirmed no fire in the area. The scene was left for SaskPower to perform repairs to the line.

In a similar situation on August 16, just before 9:00 AM, crews were dispatched to another powerline down and tree fire in an area just Southwest of the city.

This time after responding they confirmed both the powerline was down and a small fire had started in a treed area.

Crews secured the scene until SaskPower arrived and confirmed the power line was off. Crews then extinguished a small fire. The scene was left for SaskPower to perform repairs to the line.

Later in the day around 9:30 PM, crews responded to a vehicle vs. deer collision on Highway 39 East of the city.

1 westbound vehicle was involved, which sustained serious damage and was not driveable. No injuries were reported at the scene.

Crews provided traffic control, cleaned debris from the highway, and moved the vehicle to the shoulder of the road. Crews remained on the scene providing traffic control until tow services arrived to assist.

On August 18, at approximately 1:30 AM, a residential Carbon Monoxide alarm in the Southeast area of the city was reported. 1 occupant of the home was assisted by EMS on the scene, with crews making entry to the home.

No levels of CO were detected within the home at the time of the investigation, with the premises receiving advice to be monitored.

Later that day just before 5:00 PM, crews made their way to a spill cleanup on the southwest side of the city. A small amount of fluid had leaked from a vehicle, with crews containing the leak and cleaning up fluids.

On August 19, near 7:30 PM, crews responded to a residential fire alarm on the South side of the city and determined the alarm was false and confirmed no emergency.

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