One southeast community had a bidder shelling out the big bucks when it came to the ongoing auction for liquor store permits in Saskatchewan.

The first group raised a large amount for the province and the second group seems to be a repeat of that success.

The liquor license in Estevan went surprisingly high for such a small city, bringing in $1,407,500 from "LiquorMerchants".

So far, that's the fourth-highest lot of the auction, surpassing licenses for larger cities such as Saskatoon and Moose Jaw.

Another southeast license went for a liquor store in Moosomin, worth $630,000 being bought by "CSK2023"

Group two as a whole seemed to have plenty of high bids, with Regina bringing in $1,561,000 from "In High Spirits"

Saskatoon passed the million-dollar mark, but was a bit smaller, at $1,300,600 from "saskliquor1"

Assiniboia and Moose Jaw were also included in the group, bringing in $550,200 from "CK123" and $1,265,200 from "saskliquor1" respectively.

Another group will be closing tomorrow, with no southeast licenses up for grabs.