The first day of the Saskatchewan government's online liquor license auction has ended, with a lot of money being put up.

The auctions started closing at 2, though with a ten-minute timer between the last bid and the closing, some lots were being bid on an hour past that.

Carlyle, the lone southeast location that's up for grabs in the first group, sold to "Super INC" for $425,000.

The current top spot for all of the licenses goes to Regina, bringing in $1,425,000 with that going to "Liquor10".

The Saskatoon and Prince Albert licenses were close behind, bringing in $1,255,800 and $1,400,000 respectively. Those licenses were bought by "keepcalm" and "costcan"

Watrous was also included with the group, bringing in $724,000 with the license going to "costcan"

The next round of licenses being sold off will include six lots, which will also feature Estevan's sole liquor license up for grabs.