The Estevan Police Service is looking into a few of its existing cases and hoping to get a good resolution.

In response to a vehicle crash that happened on Tuesday at the intersection of King Street and 13th avenue, the Estevan Police asked the public for any information from people who may have witnessed the collision.

EPs Sergeant Tyler McMillen says that the people who did share info have been a big help.

"As people realized that it was in the news already and on Twitter that there was a collision on Tuesday morning, police had asked the public to come forward if anybody witnessed that collision," said McMillen, "Luckily enough we had a number of people come forward so we appreciate the public stepping up and assisting with their versions and how they saw they collisions occur.

They're also looking to charge some suspects with a crime that took place even longer back, a case of fraud that took place in June.

"So far a couple of people have been charged. police have now laid further charges and then are looking for a couple from Regina," said McMillen, "Police are continuing to investigate and the file has expanded to where additional warrants and production orders are currently being executed."

The EPs also responded earlier this week to a 19-year-old male who had been released by the Estevan Police and told to stay home, who had taken off from his residence the day off and was arrested after a foot chase over a couple of blocks.

The officers and male were uninjured, and the male was taken into custody this morning.