The province is providing funding and equipment to municipal police agencies around Saskatchewan, and Estevan is on the list.

According to a news release, the Estevan Police Service will be getting a Kubota RTV520 utility vehicle, which will help officers respond to emergency situations across the new pathway system.

"It's a side by side all terrain vehicle," police chief Rich Lowen said. "We're going to equip it with emergency vehicle lighting and some operational equipment to handle emergencies, and it'll give us a little more access into areas that we can't drive to with our cars."

Lowen added that it could potentially be used on roadways depending on the bylaws.

"I would like to see it be able to be used on emergency response if called for," he said. "If we have flooding or we have large snow dumps or things like that, that we can use an all terrain vehicle instead of a police vehicle...that might be something we'll look at."

He said he hopes to have the vehicle operational by this summer.

"I think it'll be a good community'll have the ability to interact with people along the way, for people just to stop and have those conversations as well as patrol when we need to get into areas that we can't get into with a vehicle," Lowen said. "It will be reviewed yearly to see what kind of use it gets and how we're going to use it in the community."

A total of $1.27 million will be going towards police agencies, the Victims' Fund, and community programs from the Criminal Property Forfeiture Fund. Over $578,000 of that money will be given directly to Saskatchewan police forces to allow for them to buy new resources and equipment. The money is from criminal proceeds.

The province said the money will also help support victims and aid in the delivery of community programming.

Police services in Regina, Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, and Saskatoon are also getting new equipment.